Experience the beauty of Australia from your doorstep

Photo and article by Andrew Kube - A Kube Aviation

Photo and article by Andrew Kube - A Kube Aviation

Have you ever thought about taking an aerial safari into the outback - seeing some unforgettable sights that draw people from all over the world? This could be you…

Your aircraft gently banks over the expansive Strzelecki desert. In the shimmering distance is Birdsville. 1000 feet below, the Diamantina River winds its way sedately southwest. Pelicans paddle in the warm Queensland floodwaters, hawks and egrets circle on thermals above clay coloured waterholes, searching for food and sharing a bird’s eye view of the vast outback. Thirsty trees hug riverbanks. 

This flight is over the incredible Goyder Lagoon, just south of Birdsville. A massive wetland of fibrous channels and lagoons all rich with wildlife. It’s one of the outback’s unexpected hidden gems, only really appreciated from the air. The lagoon empties into the Warburton Creek and then onwards to the enormity of Lake Eyre. The elongated cinnamon coloured dunes of the Simpson Desert disappear northward, the russet gibber plains of the Strzelecki Desert stretch southward into the distance.

Ahead is the crystalized surface of Lake Eyre. Glacial white and crusty with salt. Soft blues and sometimes pink with beta carotene pigment where the water lays . Exquisite pastel browns of every shade on a slowly baking surface. 140 kms long - the awe-inspiring Lake Eyre leaves passengers in a state of quiet reverie. 

On a 3-day trip with A Kube Aviation you will see some of Australia’s most iconic locations. Lake Eyre/Kati Thanda and Birdsville, Innamincka and the Dig Tree. The Flinders Ranges, the Murray River and the Big Desert & Sunset Country.

You might prefer a day trip over the Coorong in SA or a short flight around the Wimmera taking in the Grampians and the many lakes and farm land. Anything is possible. From the window of your private high winged Cessna you will marvel at exquisite views and savour your personalised unique adventure. 

Flights with A Kube Aviation depart from Horsham or Nhill, giving you the opportunity to breathe in the beauty this country has to offer from your doorstep, you’ll even be home in time for dinner!

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