What’s old is new again

The tumultuous journey of the much beloved ‘Red Cherry Food Bar’ has now found a sure footing with new local owners Lyn Rogers and Les Harding, coming in to reopen and revamp the café into the new and improved ‘Café Red Cherry’.

Bringing experience and the desire to bring the café back to its former glory, Lyn and Les seized the opportunity to put their twist on it, bringing their 15 years of food service experience and embracing the 1960’s retro diner style which is evident before you even walk in the door. Red and white diner styled seating, records and vinyls of an era past and an atmosphere that sends you back in time to when ice cream floats and slicked back hair were the norm. An older generation will fondly remember times past and the younger kids of today will get a taste of what the 60s were like in Café Red Cherry, being enjoyed by all.


Not only does Café Red Cherry sends us on a time warp, they also provide some of Horsham’s tastiest home cooked foods, including florry sandwiches, delicious hamburgers and bain marie food ready to be enjoyed at smoko. With Summer underway, Café Red Cherry also boasts a large selection of cold drinks and ice creams to cool you down. Scrumptious slices are always a hit for everyone, and the Café Red Cherry offers a wide selection for you to peruse and feast on, all while enjoying their praised Caffé Firenze, fillipo coffee which has been described as a light, medium finish coffee with a sweeter and more delicate mouth feel. 

If your feeling more peckish and in need of a meal, then the Café Red Cherry can accomodate you with their all-day breakfasts, lunch meals and a plethora of snacks to keep you satisfied, yet still wanting more. Catering is available too for your function or event, and the Café can be even booked for after hours for private functions. 

Come into Café Red Cherry, get your coffee card and meet the happy and friendly staff just waiting to introduce themselves to you. Turn the jukebox up, order a coffee and bask in the new and improved Café Red Cherry, open 6 days a week from 8am, situated next to the Westpac Bank in Firebrace St, Horsham.